Vegan Grilled Cheese #2- Almond and Black Bean

Tangy, tasty almond and black bean "cheese".

This is another version of the vegan "cheese" I made last week, invented because we had run out of nutritional yeast (yeast flakes), which actually turned out to be rather tasty and a good alternative flavour to the original. It has a slightly blue cheese-y undertone because of the preserved black beans, but sadly not a very attractive colour despite the addition of a pinch of turmeric. It does make a good dip too.  If you want to try it out for yourself, just sub almonds for the cashews and preserved black beans for the yeast flakes in the original recipe. The turmeric is optional, since it doesn't really do much.


  1. So yum and delicious :) :) Loved it :)

  2. Oh jeeeez, do these ever look good!!

  3. Wowzas! Love cheesy toast - but this version of yours looks pretty yum esp with the ingredient, preserved black beans ;)


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