Baked Sweetcorn Pakoras- vegan, low fat, gluten free

I told you I had some ideas for how to use my new cake pop maker other than making cake pops, didn't I? Well it wasn't long before I bit the bullet and tried out pakora batter in it...
I made a spicy pakora batter from gram flour and added sweetcorn kernels as my vegetable. I also put in bicarb., but the taste was quite strong so I will use baking powder - and less of it- next time. Cooking pakoras like this is a much healthy way to enjoy them than using the traditional deep frying method.After 5 minutes in the cake pop maker, I had 12 little sweetcorn pakora balls, the perfect size for dipping
What's next? I hear you ask- well, maybe falafels...


  1. Innovative and healthy,looks yum

  2. That's a guiltfree way to enjoy some hot pakoras...looks good

  3. Oh how clever, I don't have that gadget but what a fab way to make pakoras, seems a lot more healthier than deep frying too. May just have to invest in one now.

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