Cake Pops!

I have always thought that cake pops were sort of like the sweets we used to call truffles when I was a child; pressed-together cake dipped in chocolate and rolled in chocolate vermicelli, or variations thereof. But a couple of weeks ago I was given a cake pop maker (I'd show you a picture but they all came out very badly) which actually bakes perfectly spherical tiny cakes all ready to coat and decorate.
"It's basically a brownie on a stick," pronounced my stepdaughter, as she delicately but enthusiastically demolished hers. I must admit I did dip some of the cake pops in milk chocolate for the non-vegans in the household, but the cake inside is vegan, and of course ours were dipped in vegan chocolate. They were quite amusing to make and eat; certainly children would love them and they look pretty at a party in a tall glass with ribbons tied round the sticks. Two thoughts on cake pops:

  1. They could be made raw from fruit, nuts and seeds, with a recipe like this, perhaps coated in raw chocolate and sprinkled with coconut or goji berries.
  2. The cake pop maker could be used for making baked versions of fried things like falafels and pakoras, and they would come out small, cute and perfectly shaped as well as being healthier. Now there's an idea...


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