Sesame Halva- raw vegan

Please excuse the awful, hasty picture- will try to replace this when I make more!
This has been an old favourite treat of mine since I was in my early teens- my mum used to buy it from the local wholefood shop; only that kind was made with honey. This halva, if you use un-heat treated agave, is raw vegan. It's not perfect yet- far too gooey- but tastes divine anyhow, and I was so excited I couldn't wait to share it with you, so here it is:

Recipe makes 16 bite-sized squares
150g unhulled sesame seeds
50ml agave nectar
  • Grind the seeds finely, half at a time, until they are a slightly oily texture and starting to clump together (but not like tahini or nut butter). Our Cuisinart worked just perfectly for this.
  • Knead/ stir in the agave. 
  • Press into a tray (I used a plastic one that some baby sweetcorn had been packaged in) and refrigerate/ freeze until firm and a little dried out. Unfortunately it will go sticky as it returns to room temperature so perhaps it should be eaten up as quickly as possible!
Next time:
I will make it with half agave, half coconut sugar
I will add almonds/ pistachios/ sultanas/ a swirl of cacao...


  1. oh wow this is one omega3 rich:) Lovely sweet

  2. Oh sounds good, as do the variations! :)

  3. no need to cook it, i am in , looks yummy


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