Bubble'n' Squeak with a twist

If you mash the cooked kale with the potatoes it breaks into tiny pieces and turns the patties greenish: great for hiding it from the greens- averse!
At this time of year there isn't much in the vegetable garden, but kale, that hardy, leafy green that just happens to be a superfood is in full swing. Yay!
The ratio we used for potato: greens was roughly 3:2, the greens being measured uncooked. When cooked, they wilt down to a much smaller bulk.
Steam it down and add to some mashed potato along with salt, a little plant milk and a dollop of tahini. Mash further until smooth, or, if you like, leave some little pieces of potato for extra texture. Add some mild Madras curry powder; just enough to give the mixture a spicy tang. Form into patties and coat in a fine layer of gram (chickpea) flour. You can either bake or fry them, turning so that both sides are browned. These make a fantastic Winter brunch, served with relish and grilled tomatoes.


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