Raw Chocolate Maca and Ginger Truffle Mini Easter Eggs

As it's Easter Sunday next weekend we thought we'd share something you can rustle up  to celebrate Spring. It's the Vernal Equinox here in the UK today and as you can see from the pictures even though it's still a little chilly, the garden is telling us that Spring is at last here.
These raw chocolate delicacies are a little fiddly to make; you have to ensure the truffle filling holds together without crumbling and that the raw chocolate is still quite liquid before you attempt to coat them. But it's well worth the trouble to make these as gifts. Our recipe will make 8 or 9 mini eggs, plus you will have a little raw chocolate left over to use as you like.

For the truffle:
1tab finely-grated fresh ginger
3tsps maca powder
75g coconut flour
50g coconut sugar
1tab cacao powder
Water to mix to a shape- able consistency; at least 6 tabs
For the coating:
125ml agave
50g cacao powder
45 ml cacao butter
45 ml coconut oil
Cacao nibs for sprinkling
  • Make the truffle first: grind the coconut sugar and mix all the dry ingredients together. Add the water last, making sure the mix is neither too dry nor too wet; it should hold together without crumbling. Form into egg shapes and set aside. Mine turned out rather like dinosaur eggs, but that could be a plus if you're making them for kids. (And anyway, Spring has always been Spring, even in the Mesozoic; we don't want to be speciesist about extinct reptile chicks, less cute and fluffy than chickens as they were, now do we?)
  • For the raw chocolate coating, mix the agave and cacao into a paste, then melt the oils together and stir in.
  • While the chocolate is still runny, carefully coat the eggs and scatter them with cacao nibs. Lay them  on baking parchment and refrigerate until set. They are now ready to eat. Keep them in the fridge though, as they get sticky if left out for any length of time.
Happy Spring!


  1. They look very good. Happy Spring, time to get digging and weeding in the garden.


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