What's in your fridge today?

I took this picture of my fridge at the beginning of the week, just after we went shopping. You can't quite see the salad drawer at the bottom. And now I realise that so much of what we buy is plastic-wrapped....
  • Top shelf: Butter, cheese and lemons
  • Second shelf:  Parsnips, courgettes (hiding) and  new potatoes
  • Third shelf: Mixed bell peppers, homegrown pumpkin and helda beans
  • Bottom shelf: Broccoli and savoy cabbages
  • Salad drawers: Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, celery and cucumbers
  • Shelves inside door (not pictured): Stuff already offered to Krishna, like natural yoghurt, cheese, low-fat cream cheese, pumpkin chutney, beansprouts, semi-skimmed milk, soya milk etc....
I'm writing this on Friday night, and the fridge is looking a lot emptier (we shop on Sunday). With what you see in the picture, plus storecupboard stuff and some tofu, we have made: root vegetable sabji (veg stew), potato, parsnip and pumpkin rosti, broccoli in cheese sauce with roasted new potatoes, rice and peas (red kidney beans) with salad and roasted veg, tofu strifry with noodles, dal and soya shepherd's pie with roast parsnips, pumpkin and peas - plus a daily lettuce, beansrpout, tomato and cucumber salad with grated cheese or tofu for packed lunches. In case you're wondering, we buy tons of fruit, but we don't keep it in the fridge.
Now all I have to do is think of some way of using those savoy cabbages...hmmm... I seem to remember using them instead of vine leaves once.. now what did I stuff them with...? (Watch this space for the recipe if they turn out well.)
...So what's in your fridge today, and what will you cook with it? Please comment below- And how do we compare? Is mine a typical vegetarian fridge? Have I got a freaky fridge or am I a cool customer??  :)


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