Wholewheat Spaghetti with Quick Vegan Pesto

You don't even need a blender or tons of fresh basil to make this very passable quick vegan pesto. I used ground almonds instead of pinenuts as that's what I had in the cupboard; it's probably a bit cheaper too. A key ingredient is the vegan "Parmesan", which you can even get in supermarkets these days. Here it is so you can recognise it on the shelves (see pic below). My local branch of Waitrose sells it for 96p a tub. In a supermarket, you'll probably find it in the "Free From" section which caters mainly for gluten and dairy intolerances but you can also buy it in wholefood/ health food shops. It is made from soya flour and Vitamin B. My recipe serves at least 6 people, depending on how hungry they are:
100g ground almonds
1/2 a 60g-tub of vegan "Parmesan"
about 200ml extra-virgin olive oil
3 level tabs dried basil
1 tsp hing
seasalt and black pepper to taste
  • Mix all the ingredients together
  • Add to a cooked and drained 500g-packet of wholewheat spaghetti, mixing well
  • I served it with steamed mixed veg in a tomato and basil sauce.
  • If you don't want to use pasta I'm sure it would be great with spaghetti squash as a low-carb alternative.


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