Creamy Lasagne

Vegan lasagne
 I made "Ultimate Veggie Lasagne" (Now on The Yogi Vegetarian Archive)and this is the vegan version.
The "mince" is yellow mung dal cooked soft but so that it still holds some shape, and the sauce is made using the roux method with oil, flour and soya milk, plus a dollop of tahini added at the end and plenty of salt and pepper. In between the layers lurk some succulent roasted peppers and aubergines too. For speed, the veggies are mixed with chopped tinned tomatoes and dried Italian herbs (like basil and/ or oregano). I sprinkled vegan "Parmesan" over the top near the end of cooking; it was bought, but you can make your own from yeast flakes (aka nutritional yeast), ground almonds and salt. This lasagne is a substantial meal, and only needs to be served with a salad or some cooked veggies.


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