Whole Sesame Hummus

Yummy with olives and salad!

I'd like to pretend that the inspiration for this hummus came from the desire to create something with a less mushy texture than regular hummus, but no, it didn't! - It came, quite simply, from the fact that I was low on tahini for making my regular kala chana hummus
As it's a bit more solid and drier, it does need a little more water and a small well of olive oil in the centre also helps. I don't know if this qualifies as a " hummus made with anything but chickpeas" that is supposed to be a trend over the coming year but it's certainly different enough to warrant a mention here.
To make the hummus, just follow my recipe (see link above) but substitute 1/2 - 2/3 of the tahini for whole sesame seeds. You could toast them for a slightly different and stronger flavour. I'm also wondering what it would be like with ground linseeds (flax) : earthy but super-healthy? Do use the comments facility below to let me know what it's like if you try this out.


  1. They Look Yummy



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