My new Magimix!

Complete with all the attachments and our first jar of nut butter!
I couldn't resist a little brag about our Magimix, which arrived this weekend! Gone are the days of swapping between blender and grinder, lumpy mashed potato, grating large amounts laboriously by hand- and most importantly of all- buying commercially-made peanut butter. For this machine can effortlessly pulverise toasted nuts and seeds into delicious amd healthy butters with only the salt, sweeteners and oils (if any) that you choose. I think the blade will need re-sharpening regularly but it's worth it. As soon as we had opened it, my husband set about making our first jar of cashew and walnut butter, with nothing else added; just the nuts. It took only between 5 and 10 minutes of grinding. Less than 24 hours later, we also had 2 large Barleycup jars of almond butter and peanut butter. The kids are in Heaven! :)


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