Seitan Fajitas- vegan

Seitan fajitas- vegan and healthy...

I served these with salad and some brown rice with haldi for extra colour

Seitan is "wheat meat":  see here for how to make it. This is a really quick and easy recipe if you already made the seitan, but add another 1 1/2 hours if not. (Trust me: it's so worth making the seitan!) For those who are allergic to wheat and/ or gluten, you could try using corn tortillas and strips of tofu instead of flour tortillas and seitan. This recipe serves 4 -5 people.
Seitan made with 1.5 kilos plain white flour
4 bell peppers
3 medium-sized courgettes (zucchini)
 oil for roasting (for your health, please choose one with a smoke-point above 200C, like rice bran oil)
5 or more tortillas or chapattis
1 can chopped tomatoes
500ml stock (use the stock from the seitan if you have it, otherwise make your favourite vegetable stock. Any salt you use should be in the stock)
1 tab tomato puree
2tsps powdered cumin seed (jeera)
1/2tab paprika
chilli powder to taste
  • Cut your seitan into strips and lay the slices in a shallow roasting tin.
  • Prepare the peppers and courgettes by quartering lengthways and placing on a baking tray with some of the oil.
  • Mix all the sauce ingredients together and pour over the seitan slices.
  • Cook both seitan and veggies at 200C for 15-25 mins, or until seitan is browning and absorbing some of the liquid, and the veg is cooked but not overbrowned.
  • Cut the roast veggies into thin strips.
  • Serve the seitan and sauce with tortillas for wrapping, the roast veggies, and a nice crisp salad. (I included home-grown bean and seed sprouts, olives and sliced fennel in mine) If you want to make a more substantial meal, then serve with brown rice. 


  1. These look wonderful - I have never cooked with seitan - but perhaps it's time I did! Glad to sign up to follow you!
    mary x

  2. Seitan is new to me. Thanks for linking to my event..


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