My Herb Garden

Here are some pictures of the herbs we have in the garden. Not a huge variety, and nothing unusual or exotic, but enough to lend their flavours to different dishes. I've also added some suggestions for how to use them:

The thyme is delicate and aromatic, and great in veggie "Sausage" or "mince" fillings. Flat-leaved parsley seems to be more hardy than the curly sort which is more common in England- ours is on its third year. It tastes great added to a mixture of salad leaves. Dried sage seems to go well with soya and pulses; the deep purple flowers in summer will attract bees to your garden. Herb lavender not only has beautiful spikes of purplish-blue flowers, but its leaves are also as fragrant as the flowers themselves. Both leaves and flowers can be added to salads, Herbes de Provence or herbal teas. Add some sprigs of rosemary to your roast potatoes to give fragrance and flavour. They say that Rosemary oil aids memory and was once carried into exams by students! We keep the mints contained in pots because of their tendency to spread everywhere. They are great infused as teas or even chilled with lemon juice and sugar for a refreshing Summer drink. Some fresh mint is also great added to potato salad. 
...So what's your favourite herb? And what would you recommend I should grow next?


Flat- leaved parsley


Herb Lavender (lavandula officianalis)



Round- leaved mint


  1. You have quite a collection of herbs. I too have started to grow my own herbs right now it's just tulsi, mint, cilantro and lemongrass.


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