Amazing Almonds Event: the roundup

Amazing Almonds!
Sorry this roundup is a little late, but I was waiting for some links to appear...well I kept the event open for a bit longer than hoping to get more entries, and I did get a couple, so here goes:

Thanks to Anisha of Flavours for her entries :) Sprouted almond milk is an amazing food and well worth the effort of making.

Almond frangipane fingers

Sprouted almond milk

Ginger spiced almond milk


  1. I guess not many people got to know about the event... I was so excited about this event as I love almonds...

    1. Yes, I thought lots of people would be enthusiastic like us about almonds, but my blog occupies a very small niche in cyberspace and I think most of my hits come from searches for specific recipes... never mind; your entries made the whole event :) Maybe I'll run it again when I get more popular!


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