Banana Icecream -vegan, added sugar and fat free

The little dark flecks are just part of the banana

If I told you I had made a deliciously "creamy" vegan icecream  with no fat, no kind of sugar or added sweetener, and it had just one ingredient, you'd be forgiven for not believing me. I had read about this years ago in a cookbook and finally decided to try it out as a way of using up some perfectly ripe bananas that looked too spotty for the kids' liking. Well, it's true! The one ingredient, banana, surpasses any concoction I could ever come up with and really needs nothing else. Here's how to make this guilt- free treat:
  • Take 1 1/2 -2 bananas for each person, peel and break into quarters.
  • Put into a bag and freeze them until solid. (Mine were hanging around in there for a couple of days before I got the chance to make the icecream.)
  • When you want the icecream, remove from the freezer and let soften a little at room temperature- 30 minutes or so in a UK Summer; probably a much shorter time in warmer climates. Don't let them defrost; just get a little softer so as to be kind to your blender.
  • Put the banana pieces into a powerful blender or food processor and whizz until the banana looks smooth and creamy. Once the lumps break up you will have a perfect- textured icecream that is smooth and soft without being runny.
  • Decorate with chopped nuts, rose or geranium petals, etc; or what about one of the grain and fat-free mango coconut cookies from here for a tropical experience?
I'm afraid I don't know if you can return the icecream to the freezer and still retain its soft texture- I ate all of it before I could do that particular experiment... :)

So do you have any recipes with only one ingredient? Or one main ingredient? Please use the comments to tell me...


  1. I can't have really cold stuff like ice cream. I just can't take it so I wait till starts to melt to have it. So i've never bothered making icecreams... But I wanna try this. I always have some over ripe bananas and also that it's so simple, healthy and nutritious. :)

  2. I finally tried this today... its amazing... best past its remains creamy and doesn't melt down like ice cream so I could eat it without bothering my sinuses... thanks:)


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