Iced Strawberry Dessert- vegan and sugar- free

Shown not completely frozen; we couldn't wait, and ate it this way!
Both my husband and myself have been off work this week- a very rare happening- and we've both spent lots of time in the kitchen together cooking and inventing. So when I saw him reach for the tofu, the strawberries and the agave nectar I knew it was time to get the notebook out and write down what he was doing; whatever he was going to make with those was bound to be delicious... This recipe made 6 plastic cups (as above) and is really healthy as well as being cooling and yummy because unlike icecream, it is free from fat and agave nectar is a much healthier form of sweetener than sugar. Had we waited for it to freeze completely before we ate it all, I am sure we would have found it to be somewhere in between icecream and sorbet. It's so quick and simple to make, yet it is a real summertime treat. This recipe is also going to Indrani's "Spotlight: Summer Cooler"  event.

450g medium-firm tofu
500g fresh ripe strawberries
2 tabs agave nectar
1 tab rice malt (or more agave nectar/ maple syrup if you can't get rice malt)
  • Blend up the tofu until smooth.
  • Clean the strawberries and add half of them to the blender with the syrup.
  • Chop the other half of the strawberries and stir in.
  • Freeze, or at least serve chilled if you can't wait that long!


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