Avocado Chocolate Semifreddo- vegan, raw(ish), no cane/ beet sugar

This was taken before I froze it, but it looks pretty much the same when frozen. You could freeze it in ramekins and turn it out onto a plate.

Who would have thought this luscious semifreddo is vegan and the magic ingredient is avocado?

We had some lovely ripe avocados sitting on the kitchen windowsill, and I wanted to do something different with them so I went online to see what desserts people make from avocado and came across a great avocado chocolate pudding one. It had agave nectar and vanilla essence which I didn't have- but I did have a jar of date syrup in the cupboard and some organic Green and Black's cocoa, so I made my own version. Having made it, I thought it needed something else so I froze it, and the result was a really rich and chocolatey dessert, but somehow freezing seems to take the edge off the richness so it isn't overwhelming. The amounts here make about 4 portions- or maybe more if you serve it with something else. For a really gourmet no-sugar vegan raw -ish ("-ish" because of the cocoa, and date syrup may be heated too; you could make it with raw agave nectar) dessert experience, why not try a scoop of this plus a scoop of banana icecream with a mango and coconut cookie?
2 ripe medium-sized avocados
3 rounded tabs cocoa powder
75ml date syrup
125ml soya (or other) milk
  • Whizz everything together in a blender or food processor until smooth and creamy.
  • Freeze; but not so that it gets too hard. (If it does, remove and refridgerate before serving). And that's all!


  1. I bought avocados to make chocolate pudding... Still waiting for it to ripen... this post just made me impatient to try it out sooner...

  2. Thanks for linking to my event. It looks like a heavenly pudding... Loved the addition of avocados.


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