Baked Beet Pakoras- vegan

A great light meal when served with salad and chutney/ sauce
This is yet another attempt to make non-fried versions of Indian dishes. I wanted to find a good use for some homegrown organic beetroot, too, that would complement its earthy flavour. This time, instead of using liquid batter for the pakoras and dipping the veg to coat, the juices from the grated beetroot bind the powdered ingredients together. If you would like some more ideas for healthier Indian cooking, look here and here.
Just make your usual batter mix but without the liquid. (I use gram flour, turmeric, salt, chilli powder and ground cumin.) Grate the beets and mix it all together. Form into balls, brush with a suitable oil  for baking and bake at 200C on an oiled baking tray until evenly browned and cooked in the middle. Then you can have fun creating salad/ raita/ chutney to go with them!


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