"Vegonia"- vegan shop

You can see what a wide range of foods and supplements they stock

We found Vegonia a very friendly and helpful shop!

We got home yesterday from a few blissful days away camping in Wales, and I really wanted to share this shop... when I see a really good thing, especially in an unexpected place, I get so excited I just have to write about it! (I wasn't asked to do this, by the way- and this is not a review.) This great shop is "Vegonia Wholefoods", an independent wholefood shop in Porthmadog, North Wales. Not only is it wholefoods, but all the products are TOTALLY VEGAN too! Choose anything from their shelves and your conscience is clear...
We had driven to Porthmadog last Tuesday to have a look around, and found a small town with a pretty harbour where we decided to while away a couple of hours in the sun. But then lunchtime struck- and we decided to buy some food to prepare in our camper van to fuel an afternoon walk. It wasn't long before my husband noticed Vegonia's bold green and yellow shop front in the main street and we went inside to have a look. Being used to making do with Holland and Barrett most of the time, where you have to be careful to look at all the labels because not all of their products are even vegetarian, this shop was like Aladdin's cave! (I had to be dragged out after we had bought what we needed for our picnic as I was in great danger of spending serious amounts of money...!) Apparently they have another branch a bit further North in Nantwich, Cheshire too. Not only do they stock a fabulous range of foods, remedies and supplements from the major wholefood brands, but they do things like selling the larger bags of xylitol so that it's better value and you don't have to keep going back for more every time you bake a cake. Prices are pretty competitive considering they are not a major chain. The kids were somewhat stunned by the fridges full of different kinds  of tofu and vegan "cheese" but eventually chose a block of chewy smoked tofu with almond and sesame, which made a great organic baguette (bread from Tesco's!) with the addition of some salad we had in the van. We were not hungry again until that evening :)
If you will be in North Wales on holiday, or if you live nearby, check out Vegonia Wholefoods in Porthmadog, at 49 High Street. Their phone number is 01766 515195, and they are creating a website soon too.
Pretty Porthmadog harbour


  1. What a wonderful vacation you seem to have had - Always been a dream of mine to travel in England - Have made it to London and Scotland so far but miles yet to be covered - And finding a good grocery store is always a thrill in a new place while traveling - I remember when we went for vacation to Monteserrat (spl) and we found an Indian grocery store :)) What a thrill that was! Anywa, happy to visit your blog again and now that school has resumed, I am going to try to be better about blog hopping :) cheers, priya

    1. Thanks for your comment- good to know someone else shares my excitement for great shops when on the road! School starts again here next week; but as I work in a school, that means I'll be back to snatching the odd hour after work for blogging so I'm trying to draft as much as I can while I'm still relatively free! I look forward to reading your blog :)

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm staying at Portmeirion over the weekend. Not worried about finding something to eat now :)

    1. Hope you had a good time. Please let us know if anything has changed about the shop, so we can update our information.


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