Kale Chips- organic, raw, vegan

Organic raw kale chips made with homegrownTuscan black kale and ragged Jack

Kale is a super-healthy food: it lowers chloresterol, protects against many types of cancer,  is anti-inflammatory and is full of antioxidants. It is packed with vitamins and minerals, including signficant amounts of iron, calcium and magnesium... but I do find its texture and strong flavour defeats me, much as I'd love to munch on a plate of steamed kale. Now I can eat up all my greens, thanks to my husband's efforts with the dehydrator! Kale chips are thin and crispy and these have a subtle salty, savoury flavour. I love them! They add colour and texture to any meal and are way better than potato chips (crisps).
To make them, wash, chop and dehydrate at 155F (one of the highest settings) until crispy. My husband added a mixture of water, salt, maple syrup and oil about half way through.


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