Countdown to Christmas Cookery 1: Introducing a new mini-series

Try making a gingerbread house this year!

Here's a new mini-series I am running up to Christmas Day, with (mainly) vegan Christmas fare for the festive season. I am hoping to cover sweet, savoury, main meals, cakes and desserts, snacks and all things Christmas-y. This will mostly mean Yuletide flavours with a new twist, veganised festive favourites and yummy things to do with the season's fresh produce. In case you missed any of the last two Christmases' offerings, I will link to those too. 
To start us off, how about some inspiration for those of you who prefer gingerbread to cake? Have a look at this gingerbread house here and this gingerbread house over here. They are surprisingly easy to make and children adore them as the centrepiece to a party table: just make sure you make the icing "glue" thick enough...


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