Crispy-coated Tofu in Sweet and Sour Sauce-vegan

The  tofu should be smooth and succulent inside and crispy on the outside...

...We ate ours with rice and roasted vegetables; you could stir-fry your veggies if you like
Sorry this isn't a recipe (I forgot to weigh and measure) but it was so nice that we will be having it again sometime soon so I'll get the quantities down then and post them. This was very much a "whatever I had in the cupboard" meal. The tofu was made earlier in the day, but you could buy firm tofu. I made the crispy coating with wholewheat flour and cornmeal with spices such as ginger and Chinese 5-spice mixed in. I marinaded the tofu cubes in soy sauce/ miso/ lemon/ ginger/ maple syrup before coating. Then the coated tofu cubes were baked on an oiled tray at 200C until brown and crispy. The sauce is based on passata and fresh pineapple with black pepper and maple syrup.


  1. I am honestly drooling over how delicious this looks!
    Mary x

  2. lovely dish. i always marinate tofu in spices and use it cause it has no flavor so we can get what ever flavor we want.


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