Flaxjacks- vegan flax and chia seed flapjacks/ energy bars

The different seeds in this flapjack create an interesting texture.
This flapjack is a joint invention between me and my husband: he set out most of the ingredients, suggested we get more flax into our cooking and I made them. The addition of flax, chia and sunflower seeds to the basic vegan flapjack recipe really takes them into another league nutritionally; they are higher in protein, calcium, antioxidants and omega oils and one of these bars, with or without the chocolate coating is extremely sustaining. This recipe makes 16:

400g porridge oats
100g flax seeds (golden linseed)
50g sunflower seeds
50g chia seeds
100g desiccated coconut
300g gour or rapadura
250ml olive oil
50ml water 200g vegan dark chocolate (optional)

  • Melt the gour and oil together in a large sturdy pan until smooth.
  • Stir in the oats, seeds and coconut.
  • Press into an oiled baking tin/ swiss roll tin and bake for about 25 minutes in an oven preheated to 180C. Do not overbrown.
  • If adding chocolate, break it into squares on top of the flaxjack and spread evenly when melted. Leave to set, marking it out into16 flaxjacks before the chocolate is completely solid- this helps you cut it neatly.
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  1. Nice one...have been wanting to try flapjacks for some time now


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