Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Thought milk was okay for you? - Think again...

We wanted to share with you this shocking expose of that dairy industry. We have already made the connection between  meat and dairy (cows from dairy farms are also slaughtered for meat) but in this video we learn just what undesirable stuff is in milk and its effect on our bodies. Because of blood and pus being present in milk, you may even question whether it is a vegetarian food any more or not! And all this is due to the cruel way humans are treating Mother Cow. Seems like the only way to ensure she is respected properly and that her milk is both cruelty-free and safe for consumption is to keep your own cows- forget about commercially- produced milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt.
We know many of you will be shocked, but at the same time reluctant to face giving up such a "staple" and widespread foodstuff; it's not an easy decision to make and you may find it easier to give up dairy gradually.There is a lot of good nutritional advice out there on the internet, however, and it is possible to become vegan whatever circumstances you find yourself in. We'd love to hear your views and experiences on the subject, so please feel free to use the comments. Do you keep cows yourself according to ahimsa (nonviolence)? Do you source your dairy from ahimsa cows? Are you already vegan or thinking of going vegan? Or are you a pure vegetarian who is happy with the idea of dairy in your diet? Do you eat both meat and dairy happily? Whatever you think, do let us know...

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