Magenta Magic Smoothie

This super-healthy and delicious smoothie will brighten your day!
The idea for using beetroot juice in a smoothie came from, Tanya Alekseeva's wonderful site, and we took it and ran with it! Not having a machine that could do everything in one go, we first juiced the beetroot in our ancient centrifugal juicer, then ground the cashews in our new grinder before finally getting everything blended together in the Magimix. But it was worth the effort :)

These quantities make enough for 2 people:
1 banana
7-8 large, ripe strawberries
6 chopped dried dates (stoned of course!)
about 1 cup thick cashew cream
the juice of 1 large beetroot
  • Juice the beetroot.
  • Make the cashew cream by grinding a large handful of cashews finely and whisking them with a little water until they are a paste (about the consistency of clotted cream.)
  • Chop the banana, strawberries and dates.
  • Whizz everything together in a food processor or blender until smooth.

PS: All the ingredients except the dates were organic. We recommend using as much organic produce as you can.


  1. Ooh lovely stuff... looks so pretty too :)

  2. wow looks so yummy. love the vibrant color.

  3. What a gorgeous looking and magical smoothie! I just saw some fresh strawberries (so tiny and gorgeous) in Spain!

  4. Very vivid, bet those sweet peas smell gorgeous.


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