Our New Polytunnel Part 2: The Fruits of our Labours...

Salad from the polytunnel: cucumber, tomato, courgette flowers, baby courgettes- and that's not even the lettuce! (The olives were not home grown though)

We're feeling really happy that our new polytunnel has turned out to be a worthwhile investment, and veg production is getting into full swing in there- just take a look:

Remember how it looked back in May? Now everything is so much taller!

It's so handy to have lettuce and rocket available just feet from the kitchen! We also interplanted with beetroot- you can just see the red stalks.

The cucumbers are starting to bear fruit quite prolifically.

Helda and climbing French beans just love the warmth and shelter indoors!

We even have a kadoo plant...

...But the tomatoes steal the show every time.

These beauties will be purple when ripe- can't wait!

We have all sizes, from cherry and plum through to these Russian ones which are already as big as my fist.


  1. Impressive stuff - must be so handy to have in your back yard :)

  2. amazing garden you got. well done.


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