Banana Berry Almond Milk Shake- vegan, sugar free

The almond milk makes it thick and creamy!
Mellow, sweet and creamy as it is, we think this smoothie would be just as delicious made with early Autumn blackberries instead of strawberries, or even made into icecream (now there's an idea...)

 For two servings, you need:
1 cup (250ml) almond milk*
2 bananas,
10 strawberries (or the equivalent in blackberries)
6 dried dates

  • In your blender or food processor, blend the almond milk and dates together until smooth.
  • Add the banana and berries, and continue to blend until thoroughly mixed and free of any lumps.
  • Serve cold- it's even nicer of you use frozen banana and berries which have been allowed to defrost just a little.
*We made our own by simply blending freshly ground almonds with water and straining it. If you use a bought almond milk, you may need to use less dates if it is sweetened.

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  1. natural sweet from dates makes this smoothie more yummier.

  2. thats a very very refreshing and my drink dear !! frist time here and happy to follow you. Do visit my blog

  3. Thats an incredible and very healthy drink..Love to start my day with it.

  4. Almond milk looks delicious with the banana.


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