Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie- an experiment!

It may look unconventional, but it tasted just right!

My daughter, as regular readers may know, doesn't really like cake so when her birthday comes around, she usually asks for some kind of pie instead. Last year it was Cherry Pie and the year before it was Pear and Emmental. This year, to challenge myself, I suggested vegan lemon meringue pie, to which she enthusiastically agreed. Radha has never tried conventional meringues before, having been brought up on a vegetarian diet that excludes eggs as well as meat and fish, so I figured it would be pretty safe bet. On the day, however, I ended up very pushed for time and had to make a few shortcuts. The result was somewhat unconventional, but nevertheless tasted good and was worth posting. 

  • I used ready made white shortcrust pastry (it was vegan), but usually would have made my own.
  • I had no time to make my usual tarte au citron filling, but instead made a kind of lemon curd by making lemon marmalade to which I added a little coconut oil. (The dark colour is because I used brown sugar.) It was quite a thin layer, but very sweet and tangy.
  • The meringue was made using Orgran No Egg, according to the recipe on the packet, which I followed to the letter. Maybe I over-whisked it though, as the mixture suddenly became runnier and so I had to spread it over the base of a lined tray to cook it rather than making individual meringues (the idea being to top the pie with them.) Because of this, the meringue was crispy on the top and edges, but marshmallow-y in the middle. It was just fine crumbled/ cut into small pieces and scattered on top of the pie, however.
  • I will probably have another go at this, making my own pastry, using the tarte au citron filling and this time I will spoon the meringue mixture on the pie and bake it that way. It will come out softer, perhaps, but the finished pie will look more conventional.
...So what are your own favourite cooking experiments?


  1. Me too, not a huge fan of cakes, but other types of desserts. I had a vegan lemon meringue in Boston, and it was pretty tasty: I've never heard of Orgran No Egg, but that sounds like a cool egg replacer product.

  2. Mmmm looks very nice! I have to experiment with the wheat/gluten free options... I think my favourite so far is courgette based pizza :)

  3. Yep, it was delish even tho it looked messy! Your courgette based pizza sounds interesting- will we see it on Mel Makes one day?


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