Cheese on Toast- aka Grilled Cheese- the Vegan Way (soya free)

Think this is cheese on toast? Think again...
If you are vegan you might miss the creamy, oozy crunchiness of a grilled cheese sandwich; the tangy Winter comfort snack that is cheese on toast- well here's how to enjoy something very close to that, only better because it has no animal ingredients. We ate this for lunch at the weekend, as the accompaniment to a hearty vegetable stew. The bread isn't even real yeasted bread, but a type of soda bread my husband taught me how to make. The recipe below should make enough "cheese" for 2 people to enjoy it grilled on toast.

The "cheese" does "melt", but without the stringiness of dairy cheese
100g ground cashews
1 level tab nutritional yeast
1/4 tsp seasalt
2-3 tabs lemon juice
30-50ml water (you'll have to play this one by ear)
  • Simply whisk all the ingredients together into a paste.
  • Leave in the fridge, uncovered, to firm up a little so that it spreads in bread or toast without dripping down the sides.
  • Try topping toast, pizza, jacket potatoes and stuffed vegetables with it...


  1. My mouth is watering this grilled cheese looks beyond amazing!
    Mary x

  2. Hello Sarojini,
    I loved the use of cashews. This is surely a healthier alternative to cheese.

  3. I've never melted cashew cheese before....but that looks so good when melted!

    1. It starts off as soft, so it doesn't technically melt, but when it starts to brown it gets close to fooling you it's melted- if you see what I mean; hard to describe :)

  4. very interesting recipe :) looks delicious !!


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