Superchikki: vegan, gluten free sweet

A dark chocolate topping propels this superfood into the realms of festive fare
As well as being yummy enough to serve at Diwali, Christmas etc. this sweet is actually a great healthy fuel due to its superfood ingredients of linseeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds, helped along by mineral-rich gour. The protein, omega oils and iron content is enough for you to feel the benefit after eating a piece (well I did, anyway) but the addition of dark chocolate stops the taste from being too earthy. This sweet is my husband's invention; I merely watched and took notes.

50g each of linseeds, hemp seeds (with the shells) and chia seeds
150g gour (kolhapuri gour is our favourite)
  • Coarsely grind the seeds- not as fine as a powder.
  • Melt the gour in a sturdy pan over a gentle heat, then add the seeds.
  • Carry on heating and stirring until the mixture darkens somewhat. This is when the oil comes out from the seeds and combines with the gour to produce a toffee-like consistency. You will find this doesn't take as long as regular chikki because the seeds are very oily and already crushed.
  • Spread onto baking paper (I actually used a Paraflexx sheet from our dehydrator) and press into a thin layer; about 4-5mm. Score into squares.
  • While still warm, top with your favourite brand of vegan dark chocolate- if you put a square of chocolate on each square of chikki you can spread it as it melts.
  • Leave to set.
If you liked the look of this, see our regular chikki recipe

Have a happy Diwali on Sunday everyone!

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  1. Hello Sarojini,
    This is truly a "super chikki". What a lovely idea to drape it with chocolate and make it festive! Happy Diwali!

  2. wow, really superchikkis with all this healthy ingredients in it.

  3. Omg, breath taking and very attractive chikkis, love these super chikkis.

  4. I love the name, “Superchikki”, but I have never tried them before! But these seedy treats with chocolate topping sound pretty tasty! Mmmmm!


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