How to 18: Make Peanut Milk- vegan, raw, suitable for Ekadasi

How will you use your peanut milk?
Following on from last month's post on almond milk; did you know that you can also make peanut milk? It's creamy and tastes quite okay even on its own (though not as delicious as almond milk), plus it's cheaper to make. Peanut milk also has some great health benefits; I found out about these from Peanuts contain A, E and B vitamins as well other antioxidants which can prevent strokes and other diseases. As well as being a protein food, they are a source of many minerals, such as iron, selenium and potassium. Their monounsaturated oil helps to reduce harmful chloresterol levels in the body. Since commercially-available pure peanut milks are few and far between, I couldn't find a straight nutritional comparison table for peanut milk versus other plant milks, unfortunately.  I'll add to this post with the info when I do find out. Here's how to make this healthy plant milk:

(Makes about 300-ish ml)
1 cup (250ml) raw peanuts- we used organic redskin peanuts
3 cups water

1: Soak the peanuts in a bowl of water overnight or for several hours, then drain them. (This
 helps to get rid of nutrient-blocking phytates.)

2: Blend them in a food processor together with the 3 cups of water...

3: ... and you will get a milky liquid after a few minutes.

4: Strain this through a fine sieve. the resulting liquid is your peanut milk.

5: The resulting pulp can be discarded or used to provide fibre in vegeburgers- it's not as nice as almond pulp!
...and that's really all there is to it! You can also sweeten it if you like. Now all you have to do is decide how to use it- what are your ideas? Shakes and smoothies? A sauce? In a drink? For baking?


  1. I've never tried peanut milk but I wonder if it might be yumful in curry recipes, instead of coconut milk...? I'd definitely try it in smoothies or in oatmeal or granola...and in making chocolate brownies too! :)

  2. I think we're on the same wavelength here:) I thought about curry too- maybe a South East Asian style? And for chocolate brownies sounds divine!

  3. I remember buying a peanut-based soya milk beverage at 7-Eleven in Taiwan. What a great alternative to soya milk, I’ve made raw cashew milk before, but I would love to make peanut milk! Sounds so good!


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