What does a week's worth of fruit and veg look like?

We went to our local fruit and veg market on Saturday and came back with what seemed like quite a large haul of produce. It will probably take 5 of us about 7-10 days to get through all of it, though. I couldn't wait for daylight to photograph the beautiful fruit, glossy green avocados and vibrant vegetables. Amongst this lot there are salads for packed lunches, chunky weekend soups, spicy curries, colourful sauces and who knows what else...

We still have our own pumpkins, kadoo, beetroot, potatoes and parsnips but apart from that all the fruit and veg we bought is- unfortunately- not organic. And we couldn't resist some of the exotic stuff like white sweet potatoes, avocados, plantain and mangoes so I'm afraid we clocked up a fair few food miles as well. Now I'm starting to feel a little sheepish, but I remind myself that we are doing our best. We grow what we can and buy the best we can afford. (All that produce we bought cast less than £45). What about you? How much fruit and veg do you and your family get through? Is it expensive where you live?Where is it from? Where do you stand in the organic versus non- organic debate?


  1. haven't heard of white sweet potatoes :) thats sure a lovely post ...

  2. Wow, your fridge and cupboard looks lovely and colourful... I just bought a load of veggies on my way home and made a delicious soup and am now planning my next one. Thank you for your butternut squash advice, it went down a treat :D

  3. wow, this looks very healthy eating, keep it up.


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