tofu lasagne

This lasagne goes really well with a green salad and olives.
This weekend has proved another really busy one, so here's an easy supper I made midweek. It was declared delicious by vegan and non-vegan members of our household alike, so I'm going to remember this one when it's the school/ college holidays and lunchtime comes around!

Serves 6-8:
12-ish no precook lasagne sheets
750ml passata (1 1/2)
3 tabs cooked beans
chopped veg (a bowl full!- 1/2 cup sweetcorn, sliced cabbage, cauliflower, peppers, courgettes, etc.)
olive oil
black pepper
fresh tomatoes 4-6
oregano (dried)
tofu made with 2l soya milk drained in sieve not pressed- make "cheese" with tahini, lemon juice and soy sauce or follow the link below.

  • Make tofu "cheese"
  • Chop and saute the veg in the oil, add 500ml passata and tinned tomatoes. Season and place in the bottom of your dish.
  • To assemble, follow this order: Place 6 sheets of lasagne on top of the veg, 2/3 of the tofu, 6 more lasagne sheets, 250ml passata, sliced tomato, the rest of the "cheese" and more black pepper.
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 200C until the lasagne is soft. (Use the tip of a sharp knife to find out.)
  • Low-carb wheat/ gluten free idea: use thinly sliced  (lengthwise)aubergine instead of pasta.
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    1. love this vegan version of lasgna :) looks fantastic dear !!

    2. Oh I like the wheat free idea :)

    3. Interesting spelling for lasagna, I think I like the way it looks, “lasagne!” Lasagne is an excellent comfort food, especially for a family, and I’ve never added beans before. Looks tasty!

      1. Oops- I've always spelt it that way! I looked it up and have seen it both ways- perhaps my way is the European way? Or maybe I should have worn my glasses?! (Still not wearing them now...)


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