Cacao-Maca Shake- vegan, sugar free, gluten free

A delicious start to your day, or any time you need a boost.
-Try saying that quickly! Joking apart, though, this shake/ smoothie will set you up for hours with a ton of super nutrients, mood and energy boosters. Plus it tastes so delicious, sweet and chocolate-y you won't believe it's so healthy. I know it's hard to stomach a smoothie on  cold, dark mornings, so if you can't face it before work try it as a weekend brunch, like we did. You just might find lunch is postponed to linner* because you will be so satisfied! My husband is getting over 'flu' and this smoothie really helped restore his wellbeing. 

The amounts here make about 500ml and we found this was enough for two servings:
1 banana
5 dried dates
1 tab mixed ground seeds (I keep a jar with equal quantities of ground flax, chia, pumpkin and hemp seeds in the fridge.)
1 tab maca powder
1/2 tab cacao powder
350ml plant milk (we used soya, as that was what we had to hand, but almond is probably even nicer)

  • Blend everything together until smooth and creamy. Enjoy!

* A trendy late, relaxed lunch that obviates the need for an evening meal. 


  1. that is one big glass of it.

  2. that's looking so awesome and no one can believe its healthy too.

  3. What is your fave plant milk? I’ve been loving hazelnut milk lately. Such a great smoothie recipe, you need to start doing smoothie cookbook!

    1. I like almond or soya milk in shakes, peanut milk for its creaminess- but I've never tried hazelnut milk. I love hazelnuts though, so I'm sure I would like it a lot. I'd love to do a smoothie/ shake cookbook one day- I feel I'm still learning at the moment, but as I get more experience; well, maybe...


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