Saturday's Smoothie: Papaya, Kiwi and Maca

Just like last weekend, I woke up on Saturday morning with an idea for a smoothie. We had bought an expensive but delicious treat at the market the previous day; a large, ripe papaya from Brazil. Keeping with the South American theme, it seemed like the right thing to put our daily dose of maca in the blender with some of it. Banana, kiwi, dates and ground seeds provided the base and me and my husband polished off a large cup each. Here's the recipe- just throw it all in your blender, and voila!

4 dried dates,
250ml water (1 cup)
2 bananas
2 kiwis
1/3-1/2 large papaya
2 heaped tsps maca powder
1 tab 4- seed mix (equal qualtities of ground flax, chia, pumpkin seeds and hemp)
75ml water


  1. A ripe papaya from Brazil?! A perfect exotic selection, I remembered passing through an airport in Brazil and they have the freshest exotic fruits available and coconut water in the airline lounge. Now I wish I’d stopped there and eat them everyday. Such great ingredients there, I love maca powder, too!


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