How -to 19: Fan an Avocado

A fanned avocado makes a pretty salad on a bed of greens or sprouts with a tangy dressing- see here for the recipe
You probably already know how to do this, but just in case there's anyone out there who doesn't, this is a simple way to make an attractive salad or starter/ appetiser. Avocados rock- they are full of nutrients and have a delicious and unique flavour and texture.  

1: You need a perfectly ripe avocado- it should be soft, and the stem part at the top should come off easily.

2: Cut the avocado in half lengthways and remove the stone carefully with your hand not a knife- I once cut myself badly with the point of a knife trying to do that.

3: Peel the avocado. The thicker, darker peel of Hass avocados will lift off; the Fuerte variety usually need a knife.
4: Carefully cut each half into slices, leaving the top part uncut, so that the whole thing stays in one piece. If your avocado is really soft you will have to be careful not to make your slices too thin or too near the top.

5: You can see from this how much to leave uncut at the top.

6: When you have finished slicing, gently fan out the slices, making sure they don't break off.


  1. I love avocado! I just might have to make this at the weekend :)

  2. I love avocado too, but I have trouble not just eating it all with a spoon.


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