Family-Sized Strawberry and Banana Smoothie- vegan

How about some supersized nutrition instead of supersized junk food? Make a jug full of this yummy smoothie and feed your family and friends... smoothie recipes mostly come in amounts that serve one or two people, but here's one that serves 6!

All you need is a blender and these ingredients:
900g strawberries (2 punnets)
50g dried dates (chopped)
3 ripe bananas (peeled and chopped)
2 tabs four-seed sprinkle
1 cup (150ml) soya milk - or your favourite plant milk; almond would probably be great here.


  1. I love smoothies! The colour of this is amazing :)

  2. A superyumful way to get the benefits of your healthy seed mix and get my fresh strawberry fix at the same time...yay! :)

  3. Mmm...Lovely color...delicious and filling smoothie


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