Pumpkin and Fresh Coconut Soup

You can't go wrong with fresh and wholesome ingredients like these!
Every once in a while I rediscover the fact that when it comes to flavour good quality, fresh ingredients will deliver every time, with the minimum of effort. This thick and creamy soup was one such reminder: my husband made it after a trip to the allotment and the greengrocer's and although we didn't record the exact recipe, we can give you the ingredients:

fresh pumpkin
grated fresh coconut flesh
the juice of half a coconut
grated fresh turmeric root
grated fresh ginger
a little seasalt and a little black pepper

  • The pumpkin was cooked in water until soft and the other ingredients added. For enough to serve 6-8, use about 1kg pumpkin, 2 litres of water and the juice and flesh of half a coconut.


  1. This looks great - I will have to try it! Could you point me in the direction of your vegan breakfast muffin recipe please?

  2. thanks, and yes- it's really creamy and delicious. When he cooks, my husband always does something amazing :) The breakfast muffins are at http://theyogivegetarian.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/blueberry-banana-and-cinnamon-breakfast.html, and you may want to add more sugar for a treat as they're not the conventional sweet muffin we are used to; a bit less cake-y. They are yummy though, I promise! Let me know if you have any questions.

    1. Ooh, thanks! We were discussing the blueberry and banana combo on the way home today :D

  3. Whoa, this looks creamy and delicious with the fresh turmeric root! Your hubb is a great cook!!! I haven’t seen fresh turmeric roots yet, but hopefully I will find some later! Did you eat the soup on its own or with something else?


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