Fresh juice and raw foods

Has Winter left you feeling depleted? Here in England there are signs that Spring is just around the corner and I am thinking about upping the proportion of raw foods in my diet and giving my system an extra vitamin boost with some fresh fruit and vegetable juices. A totally raw food diet is probably not advisable in the Northern European climate (although I know people who do) and would not make satisfactory offerings to Krishna, but  Ayurveda does advocate raw foods and juices in sensible proportions as part of a balanced diet, and certain juices do form effective treatments for many medical conditions. (Be aware, though, that most salads and raw foods are vata and could unbalance you unless you have them with a dressing , tahini etc.)
Pictured here is some of my lunch today; I also had a green salad with a spoonful of tahini on top. I juiced celery, broccoli and a yellow pepper, and halved an avocado, adding black salt, pepper and lemon juice. The red stuff is a cooked tomato and basil soup, as it's still quite cold here and I felt I needed warming up.
What are your favourite combos for juicing? Please comment below.


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