Mung Bean and Sweet Potato Patties with Ume Plum and Peanut Dressing (vegan)

These are subtly sweet and smoky versions of my spicy beanburgers (Makes 8-10, depending on size)

800g mung beans, cooked soft and drained
350g grated sweet potato
175g ground almonds
100g porridge oats
2 tabs soy sauce/ liquid aminos
1tsp seasalt
1-2 tsps hing
2-3 tsps smoked paprika

  • Mash the drained mung beans, if necessary
  • Combine with the grated sweet potato, ground almonds and porridge oats, and mix well.
  • Add the seasonings and mix well. You should now have a consistency which holds together but is not soggy.
  • Shape into patties and bake at 200C on an oiled baking tray until well browned on both sides, turning carefully with a spatula halfway through.
  • Serve with the dressing, roasted pumpkin and potato wedges and/ or a green salad with sprouts and a bun.
    • Tip: You could always add some sesame seeds to the mixture
Ume plum and peanut dressing:
Combine ume plum seasoning with smooth peanut butter until you get a mayonnaise-like consisency; but be careful- the ume plum seasoning is rather salty.


  1. The patties are very tasty. The mung beans confused me a bit because 800g from the packet makes a huge amount so I weighed 800g from the soaked beans which worked. Maybe substitute the smaller weight of mung beans that makes 800g soaked .... unless the recipe really does call for that amount? Couldn't find ume plum seasoning in Hereford ... used some tahini dressing instead which worked. Jinny, Hereford

    1. So glad you like them... I must have meant 800g cooked weight- sorry about that. I'm a bit more careful about stuff like that nowadays- took me a while to get the hang of recipe writing! :)Hare Krishna!

    2. Oh, and the ume plum seasoning is made by Clearspring. Lots of their products are in wholefood shops. I don't get it very often, but it's a useful (if rather salty) substitute for vinegar, which shouldn't really be offered to Krishna.


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