Vegan "sausage" rolls

Ever eager to come up with something different and healthy for our lunchboxes, I devised these filling "sausage" rolls. Now that the weather seems to be warming up, they would be an excellent picnic food too. Commercially-made "sausage" mixes can contain hydrogenated fat, and although convenient, are quite expensive if you want to cook in bulk. At the time of writing, my stepson and husband have tasted them and pronounced them good- but the real acid test will be if my fussy daughter approves...
The following recipe makes a lot, by the way. Unless you are catering for at least 4 people, you might want to scale down the ingredients. First, make this wonderfully crisp shortcrust pastry with:
700g plain flour (I used white,but only because I had run out of wholemeal)
250 ml organic cold-pressed sunflower oil
100ml water plus more water to mix
1 tsp salt
"Sausage" Filling:
300g dry weight yellow mung dal
200g dry weight unflavoured TVP mince
1/2 tube tomato puree
3 tsps hing
3-4 tsps salt
1 dsp yeast extract
Herbes de Provence and black pepper to taste
  • First, soak the TVP in just enough water so that it all gets absorbed.
  • Wash and cook the dal in just enough water so that it is soft, but still retains its shape. (You will have to keep a close eye on it.)
  • Mix in the rest of the ingredients and let the mixture cool
  • Make long sausage rolls and chop into shorter sections, turning over once sealed and making diagonal slits on top (see picture).
  • Bake on an oiled baking sheet at 200C until pastry starts to brown.
Possible tweak: My husband suggested adding a little ground sunflower seed to the filling mixture, especially if it gets too wet.

PS: My daughter did like them!


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