Vegan Green Pesto #2

Green and yummy! Looks like some kind of chutney...

I served it with spaghetti and steamed broccoli. I left some pine nuts whole for the texture
This recipe is a little more complex than my Quick Vegan Pesto, but still very easy and speedy to prepare. My husband is away in India at the moment, so I'm taking the chance to make some of the things we wouldn't normally have as he doesn't like them. Pasta served this way is not something he finds particularly digestible. He also hates khitchri, so look out for a khitchri recipe coming soon! (The thing is, cooking these dishes only makes me miss him more...  :( ... )

These quantities served four of us:
50g pine nuts (pignolia)
40g fresh basil, stalks and all
1tsp dried basil
3 tabs of a nice, fruity extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 tub vegan "Parmesan" (I used Parmazano brand)
a pinch of seasalt
1 tsp hing
1/4-1/2 tsp coarse-ground black pepper
  • Grind the pine nuts, leaving some whole. (Then you get little bites of intense pine-nutty flavour in your pesto).
  • Put them in a bowl with the "Parmesan".
  • Whizz up the fresh basil with the olive oil in a blender until it forms an oily paste.
  • Add the blended mixture to the bowl with the pine nut mixture.
  • Mix in the salt, pepper, dried basil and hing.
  • You can serve this with pasta, hot or cold, or as a salad dressing.


  1. pesto sounds great, easy to make and looks delicious..!!

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