Amazing Almonds event!

Please come join my event, which runs throughout the rest of April 2012 (4th -31st inclusive). Almonds are such a versatile ingredient that I would love to host a collection of almond recipes from all of us...
To start us off, here's a recipe from me using almonds, which I posted only a couple of weeks ago. Use the link tool below to add your recipes, and we'll see how many almond goodies we can collect! I will post a roundup at the beginning of May. Here are some guidelines to get you started:

  • Feel free to link to posts you already made on your own blog, but if you are inspired, then by all means "go create" one especially for this event!
  • Vegan and lacto-vegetarian submissions are welcome, but please don't include eggs.
  • Sweet or savoury recipes: it's up to you- just as long as there are almonds in there somewhere...
  •  Please paste the "Amazing Almonds" logo above into your post and don't forget to link back to my blog,
  • You can submit as many recipes as you like!
  •  Use the linky below to submit your recipes (sorry no thumbnails this time, but I couldn't find a free one...) Where it says "name", you could also write the name of your recipe, and please give the URL of the page where you recipe is.


  1. I think it's lovely that you're featuring almonds as afterall, they are the most wonderful nut! I'll have to look for something without eggs :)
    Mary x

    1. That would be brilliant, if you could. Thanks :)

  2. I just found out about this event... I just turned Vegan n have been using a lot of almonds since then... I hope I'll be able to post more recipes with almonds before 31st. :)

  3. Good old auntie manjula , if anyone has not checked her site out they should she is great .All her recipes are offerable to sri sri radhe krsna......

  4. I planned on posting that almond drink earlier but couldn't but luckily I saw your linky open so I guess it's ok to link in even now.

    1. Yes, that's fine thanks v much. I'll closw linky and do a roundup when I get a few more...


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