Eco-builders breakfast- vegan

Where's the beans on toast?!

This post is dedicated to my dear friends Sucandra Dasi and Dhamsakha Dasa, who are currently expending a lot of energy in realising their dream of building an eco-community of green housing and sustainable organic gardening. I think this cruelty- free"builders' breakfast" (as we call a cooked breakfast in the UK) would be ideal to fuel any hungry eco-builder and keep them going all day... and not a baked bean or bottle of brown sauce in sight!

On the plate is (clockwise from top):

  • Tangy lime and coriander guacamole sprinkled with preserved black beans
  • Baked plantain
  • Scrambled tofu topped with baked tomato on toasted pumpernickel
I will post the recipes for the guacamole and the scrambled tofu next...


  1. this looks amazing! a great take on the 'builders brekky' i'd go for this choice any day!


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