Baba Ghanoush (aubergine dip)- vegan

Some toasted walnuts on the side really add to the Middle Eastern feel...
Baba ghanoush, in its many variations, is common to Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Iran, Israel, Palestine and Turkey, but also to Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. "Baba" comes from the Arabic for "father". In Afghanistan, India (Punjab), Pakistan and Bangladesh, aubergine (eggplant) is also chargrilled and pureed with vegetables and spices, to be eaten with roti. Baba ghanoush can contain onions, tomato, chilli, tahini, yoghurt, lemon juice, parsley, cumin, garlic, mint or even pomegranate concentrate. We are keeping the Middle Eastern ambience to our version with tahini, but also straying into North Africa with a little ras-el-hanout spice mixture- well why not? It does taste rather good with the smoky grilled aubergine...

Serves 3-4:
1 aubergine
1/2 tab extra-virgin olive oil- plus a bit more
2 tabs tahini
1 tab lemon juice
1 tsp seasalt
1/2 tsp compound hing (optional)
1/3 tsp ras-el-hanout

  • Cut the aubergine lengthways into strips, place on an oiled tray and grill until soft and slightly charred.(Even better if you can cook it outside on the barbecue!)
  • Blitz in the food processor skin and all with the olive oil and tahini until it resembles a smooth, hummus-like paste. (If you are mashing this by hand, you may have to leave out the skin.)
  • Stir in the rest of the ingredients, and drizzle with olive oil if you like.
  • Serve it with flatbreads, pitta or chapattis, olives and salad. We made a meal of it by having some toasted walnuts for protein as well. If you like sandwiches or wraps, this would be a great filling.

For two other recipes with with ras-el-hanout, look here and here


  1. this dip looks delicious :)

    1. Thanks, we thought so too- must make double quantity next time ;)

  2. One of my fav dips.. am sure it was great!

  3. I love this in pita breads, yummm


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