Matar Tofu- vegan

You can't tell it's tofu from the look of it...

No recipe for this needed; it's just a straight swap of the paneer for tofu in this recipe. Once the tofu is grilled and put in the rich sauce with the peas, you can barely tell the difference; and yet it's great for those who are either watching their weight or lactose-intolerant. Mind you; I kind of blew it with the low-calorie thing tonight- we had this after we went for a 7km run and I was so ravenous I ate far too much of it! For how to make the tofu, look here; make it with 3l of soya milk. (It's just like making paneer, and just as easy.)
PS: Watch out for shahi tofu recipe, coming soon...!


  1. i love this instead of paneer, i am fed up with paneer dishes.


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