Expert Blogger Awards- are you a winner?

Sometimes just commenting on a post you're impressed with doesn't seem enough, so I created the "Expert Blogger Award". This award is for bloggers who not only have attractive and interesting blogs, but are real experts in their field; those cooks who can tell you all the correct techniques and who have so much knowhow about ingredients from many different cuisines, who take fantastic pictures and often include tips and step-by-step instructions. Or just any blogger who is a great writer, photographer and is knowledgeable and informative about their subject, whatever that may be. Those bloggers I have awarded are:

  • Anisha of Flavours, who really knows her stuff on veganism, yoga and health, and is becoming an expert photographer too.
  • Gauri, the Runner Girl in the Kitchen, who has  impressed me lately with her detox/ diet knowhow and running expertise.
  • Inside a British Mum's Kitchen- Not a vegetarian blog, but she does post a lot of vegetarian recipes. Mary's technical expertise in cooking is awesome, if her lovely photos are anything to go by! And I know that she is also involved in online cooking classes too.
  • Foodomania: This relatively new blog has grown so rapidly due to Kavitha's hard work and blogging expertise that she is fast establishing herself as a culinary authority in the blogosphere due to the wide scope of her recipes, which span many cuisines, and her great informative pictures. She's also doing a wonderful job of promoting vegetarianism!
  • Kitchen Queen at Home Cook Food-  I'm just getting acquainted with this blog, but already it's becoming one of my must-reads. There's no telling what she will rustle up next and it's all so expertly put together.
  • Mel Makes: This is not a food blog, but Mel's technical expertise in sewing and crafting makes her blog stand out a mile; it's clear by her beautiful presentation and photos that she is a true artist! I will probably never make any of her creations, (two left thumbs when it comes to sewing machines.!) but I love reading about them, and also about the adventures of her cat Boris, whose "help" is also very entertainingly documented.
  • My Culinary Trial Room : I love anything with an experimental twist, and this blog is a great one for that. I admire Vimitha's sheer pluckiness in attempting (very successfully, I might add) so many new dishes and putting a new twist on old ones. She surely rates as an expert innovator in the kitchen! 
  • Post-Punk KitchenSimply a great place for vegan cooking! This space deserves all the recognition it gets for the sheer variety of vegan goodies it offers and the use of really health-giving ingredients.
  • Prema's Culinary: Premalatha has based her whole blog on sharing her expertise, especially the beautifully-decorated cakes. She shows you how really well with detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions. She is truly an expert!
  • Cuisine Delights: Chandrani is not only an extremely knowledgeable cook, but also an expert in hosting events, where lots of different bloggers can link up their recipes on a theme to make a collection, which is then shared in a roundup as well as on the original event announcement post. It's a great way to find new blogs to read and to get your blog read by more people too.
If your blog doesn't appear here, please don't think you are not appreciated! There is something amazing about all the blogs I follow (that's why I follow them!) so over the next few months I'm planning to make more awards.
If you have won an award this time, I will also notify you in a comment on a very recent post of yours. Please feel free to pass this award on to as many bloggers as you like who fit the description- there's a lot of talent out there that deserves to be recognised! (Note: Please link to their blogs and reproduce the award logo so we can all share it!) 


  1. Wooo, *thank you* from Boris and me :)

  2. Thank you so much for the appreication. means a lot to me.

  3. Thank you so much for the award. It means a lot to me:)


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