Indonesian Coconut Sauce- vegan, can be gluten free

Shown here with roasted courgettes, but good with any veggies especially mangetout and French beans...
 This has to be the simplest-ever sauce to make; there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong- no risk of lumps, burning etc. We have used it in stir-fries, with soba noodles, on steamed or roasted veggies, with tofu and cashews:  it's lovely with all these, and there are probably even more possibilities. (If you think of anything else, let us know.)

To make about 500ml:
1  can (400ml) coconut milk- the less added ingrdients, the better
2 tabs good-quality dark soy or tamari (gluten free soy) sauce
1/2-1 tab Malaysian curry powder (we found ours in a Chinese grocery) or Madras- mild, hot or medium- if you can't find that. How hot you make it is up to you; we prefer it milder to let the flavour of the soy sauce through.

  • Whisk it all together in a bowl or pan.
  • Serve cold or heat very gently.
  • It's especially good with steamed mangetout (sugar snap) or French beans.
The sauce is creamy but not too thick.


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