Kitchen of Love #2 is out!


We're really excited that the long-awaited sequel to Kitchen of Love- see here- is finally out! -And as before, The Yogi Vegetarian was involved. You will find our masala chai recipe in there, and we also lent a hand to the editorial team by writing the glossary! Whereas the first book, while containing recipes, was more of a guide to expressing spirituality and devotion to Krishna through offering food, this one is more recipes.
Kitchen of Love is part of a planned series of books featuring world cuisine recipes that follow the yogic diet (no onions, garlic, meat, fish or eggs) and features many vegan recipes. There may be a completely vegan book out in the future too. Anyone who is interested in how food ties in with spirituality and personal development, or who just wants to try out a healthier, more compassionate way of eating will love these life-changing books.
The original Kitchen of Love is available from Amazon, priced from £10.99 to £14.95. We will let you know asap how you can get hold of your own copy of the new Kitchen of Love.


  1. Congratulations making it on Kitchen of Love :)

  2. That's great news indeed, congratulations! Glad to learn about the existence of such a unique books. I can well imagine what a perfect fit it is for you to contribute to it! :)

  3. How exciting! Congrats :)


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