How- to 20: Make dairy free whipped cream

This vegan cream is too good to be true- but it is!
What if I told you that you can get a vegan whipped cream that's light and fluffy and holds its shape beautifully? That it's only around the same price as dairy whipping cream? That you can get it in most supermarkets? And that all this is true?- You might be forgiven for being a little sceptical, but I assure you this is for real. This month's how-to really is a life-changing piece of information, opening up a whole new world of scones with jam and cream, trifles, gateaux and desserts that you thought you'd left behind when you gave up dairy! Just follow teh instructions below:

1: Take a can of coconut milk and chill it in the fridge for several hours. Do not shake it up.

2: Separate out the creamy part from the liquid (which should be at the bottom of the can). Don't stir the water back in.

3: Use an electric hand blender to whip it like dairy cream. It may take a while. This is about halfway done.

The whipped cream will form peak when it's done.


  1. Oh good stuff! I didn't know this trick :)

  2. I love making my own whipped cream…especially creamy caramel! Coconut milk (canned) is a versatile ingredient! Happy Christmas!

  3. what is a hand blender?

    1. A hand blender is an eleltric whisk, but with blades like a blender. It's long and slim. You blend in your pan or bowl, and save washing up blender jugs.


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